Create & Collaborate with us

At Kikonia, we value all art forms. Whether you're an artist of paint, music, photography, poetry, dance, etc., we welcome you.

Our mission

Not only does Kikonia offer suites to accommodate guests, we also offer a modern contemporary art gallery in which to display art for guests and participants, as well as a studio/environment for artists to actively keep making their art while they're here. Our mission is to bring art to Akçapınar village and combine it with an authentic Turkish village experience. We wish to have our guest artists be a part of the Kikonia family and collaborate with us and other participants in a warm and welcoming atmosphere full of art and color.

Our vision

We want to have rotating exhibitions year-round, we want KikoniArt to be a living gallery and sanctuary welcome to all art lovers, no matter the discipline. We want to have interactive events and experiences in which participants can learn something as well as enjoy a wonderful evening. We want artists to showcase their talent in any form they desire, whether it is painting, photography, sculpture, literature, music, body works, cinema, gastronomy,...

How to collaborate?

Please fill out our artist intake form and we will connect with you!