With its stunning traditional Akyaka-style high shed ceilings, and spacious terrace overlooking the magnificent Gökova Bay vista, this deluxe suite provides the ultimate unique experience combining gorgeous contemporary architecture with a traditional and authentic feel. Whether you would like to soak in the jacuzzi overlooking the view or enjoy the elegantly cozy interior, Roda will provide a relaxing and breathtaking experience.

Total usable area: 77m2

  • Sleeps 2*

  • Towels and linens include

Full Kitchen
  • Includes: dishwasher, stovetop & oven & vented range, fridge, plates, cookware, silverware, kettle, french press

  • Includes: complimentary toiletries, washing machine

  • Spectacular view of Gökova Bay

  • Includes: full furniture, jacuzzi

*Supplementary single bed may be provided upon request