Birds of Migration

Located in Akçapınar Village near Gökova on the southern Aegean coast, Kikonia was inspired by the majestic birds of Akçapınar Village and gets its name from the white stork; Ciconia Ciconia of the Ciconiidae family. Between the months of March and August the white storks breed, incubate and raise their offspring to be ready for migration come early August. Their nests are spread among the village on electric poles and atop chimneys. In the spring and summertime, they are residents of Akçapınar flying over Kikonia and soaring over the Gökova Bay skies.

Kikonia Art & Suites was designed, built and owned by architect Muge Tulumcuoglu. It is a women and family-run business, by Muge and her daughters.

Who We Are