Our Suites

The names of each of our unique suites were inspired by the white storks of Akçapınar. The bird's name takes form as each individual suite from a different language of countries along the migration path of Ciconia Ciconia. Each suite is completely unique and different from the next, while all providing great amenities and experiences.

Cigüeña Suite

Stunning 2 bedroom suite with contemporary design, spacious atmosphere and beautiful view of sea and valley

Roda Suite

Beautiful suite offers Akyaka-style traditional high shed ceilings with a spacious and fully equipped terrace overlooking the Gökova Bay vista.

Leylek Suite

Perched on the highest level, Leylek offers Akyaka-style traditional high shed ceilings with two balconies and an incredible view of the Gökova Bay vista.

Korongo Suite

In addition to its stunning terrace with panoramic views of the Gökova Bay vista, Korongo offers modern contemporary architecture with an authentic feel.

Pelargos Suite

Pelargos is the perfect place for a comfortable and cozy getaway. Enjoy your morning coffee from the seaview balcony facing Gökova Bay.

Stork Suite

As you enter, you will be greeted with artistic floors, adding a touch of creativity to your stay. Whether you are curling up on the sofa or enjoying a cup of coffee overlooking Kikonia deck, you will feel right at home.

Aist Suite

Aist provides the perfect mélange of modern contemporary architecture and antiquity. With its open concept, this suite is truly unique and perfect for a romantic getaway.

Kōnotori Suite

Wide spacious windows bring in the light and air of Akçapınar Village into this bright and harmonious space. With its private yard and two bedrooms, Kōnotori is a truly versatile and comfortable experience.

Saaras Suite

With its beton brut architectural design and open concept, Saaras provides a contemporary yet cozy stay. Subtle plum tint paints parts of the walls, while the private garden provides a private and relaxing dining experience.

Duplex Nest

This special suite is a transformation of Kōnotori and Saaras into this deluxe family-style living quarters. With 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 kitchens, 2 living rooms and 2 private yards, Duplex Nest can accommodate you and your family's every need while providing stunning views and a great experience.